Mylly is a place for you in Kotka 

The Multicultural Centre Mylly in Kotka arranges social & cultural events and festivities, as well as offers support to find your way to local everyday life in the Kotka-Hamina region in Finland.


Mylly organizes various events and concerts every year. Our Thai restaurant, with tasty Asian meals, is open on weekdays from 8 AM until 10 PM. From our shop you can buy ecologically produced products, quality handicrafts and souvenirs from the Kotka -Hamina region. If you wish, you can book our facilities to organize your own events, meetings or even arts exhibitions. You can also start your own voluntary language or recreational club in Mylly.


One specific aim of Mylly, is to support persons who have moved to Kotka-Hamina region from abroad, to find their way to everyday life, education and working life. We organize Finnish language clubs e.g. to mothers of small children. We also give advice and guidance to families.


Mylly gives expat support to foreign specialists coming to work in companies in the Kotka-Hamina region, as they and their families settle to their new surroundings and home place.


Mylly offers work placements and internships, contacts and steps towards vocational education and working life. Our own textile team produces handicraft textiles for sale in our Mylly shop. Private persons may ask for help and workers for their short period work tasks. Employers can find skilled workers also for more permanent employment.


FC Mylly football team plays in the Finnish VI – league. Tens of youth participate in the football training sessions.

Starting in spring 2018, Mylly broadcasts local news monthly, in several languages, in the Mylly internet and pod cast radio. The news cover everyday life topics and information on cultural events in the Kotka-Hamina region.

Mylly is interested in cooperation locally in Kotka, as well as on regional and national level Finland and also internationally, in developing and implementing best practices for a sustainable integration of persons who have come from abroad to live in Finland.


Please, you can visit us in Kotka at:


Gutzeitintie 14, FIN 48100 Kotka


Let us know, if you wish to start a club, or organise an event in Mylly.